Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BodyArmor SuperDrink

These drinks have no artifical flavors or colors, no preservatives, and contain 10% coconut water. I tried Cherry Citrus flavor.

The flavor closely resembles  Gatorade red a lot. Not something I'd drink again. Gives me bad heartburn. I'm not concerned with all the vitamins. I just wanted to try something new. I can get Powerade red in a bigger bottle for 99 cents if I really wanted something of this flavor.

If you're interested in more than just flavor, I'll list below what was in my bottle. Not sure if all flavors have the same vitamins.

Hydration Blend:
Potassium: 620mg
Magnesium: 60mg
Zinc: 10mg

Protection Blend:
Polyphenols: 50mg
Catechins: 46mg
EGCG: 22mg
Fiber: 2 grams
Bioflavonoids: 20mg

Vitamin Blend:
Vitamin A: 5000 IU
Vitamin C: 48mg
Vitamin E: 30mg
B Complex: 132mg

Recovery Blend:
Folic Acid: 800mcg
Amino Acids: 20mg
L-Carnitine: 20mg

The ingredients list a bunch of stuff including cane sugar, coconut water, purple carrot juice, natural cherry citrus flavor, green tea, yerba mate, and more. The side of the bottle also lists Sustamine, which I've no clue what it is.

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