Monday, May 30, 2011

Marmite Extra Old

I found this on the Marmite website. It says it's four times as strong as regular Marmite. They also had a package deal that came with a Marmite Chocolate Bar. I won't go into what Marmite is, but for those of you who know I'll make this short:

The Marmite tasted exactly like regular Marmite. There was nothing stronger about it. What a let down, but what a cool bottle if I decide to collect them.

The chocolate bar was milk chocolate and had a subtle hint of Marmite. I liked it, but would have LOVED it had it been dark chocolate. I hate milk chocolate.

I wouldn't order this again. I'll just stick with the regular stuff as I can get that in the supermarket and not have to special order it from England.

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