Friday, April 15, 2011

Longhorn Steakhouse - DO NOT EAT HERE!

A few years ago I went to the location in Hamilton, New Jersey on Route 130. I kept seeing commercials for stuffed filets. They were filet mignon steak stuffed with things. I forget what, but one was cheese. They looked awesome in the commercials.

I've actually been going to Longhorn since they first came into New Jersey. I don't want to say I go there often, but they were someone I liked and would go back to every now and then. We had just moved into the area and my Grandmother helped me, so I figured we'd all go out for dinner.

So, we order drinks and appetizers. We order dinner. As we're waiting for dinner we realize that EVERYONE around us was getting bread! We didn't even get offered any! I totally forgot about the wonderfully warm bread  (pumpernickle?) with butter.

So, we get our dinners. Everyone's dinner is fine except my stuffed filet. It tasted like rotten fish! I hate seafood. It even smelled like fish! I didn't want to say anything at first, because I didn't want to ruin anyone's meal.

So finally I had everyone at the table taste my food and they all agreed it tasted like rotten fish! I kept quiet about it, though. I don't dare upset the staff or they will do something to everyone else at the table's food, put boogers in it, or use a baked potato as a soccer ball in the back.

After everyone was done I said something about it. The manager came over and she had the cook taste it. He found nothing wrong with it. How can 4 people say it tastes like fish and he doesn't find anything wrong? 

The manager told me she knows the cheese they use is kind of strong. I told her are you kidding me? I love cheese. You telling me I can't tell the difference between cheese and smelly fish? That is ridiculous!

They offered me another meal. I won't eat there ever again! I mentioned the bread we never got. They offered to give us some bread to go. There was no way I wanted that bread. Who knows what they did to it.

Whoever that waitress was that day, maybe I should forgive you if you were new to the job. NOT! Any idiot learns to bring out bread in a few seconds and if you were new to the job then you should have had another idiot training you!

Whoever the manager was that day, I hope you got fired. You're old and your taste buds are totally shot.  You have no customer service skills at all. You really insulted me by implying I can't tell the difference between cheese and fish. I grew up fishing almost every weekend of my life. My Dad loves seafood and fishing. I've tried seafood a few times but don't like it. Cheese on the other hand I love just about every kind.

I stuck to my word. I don't eat at Longhorn anymore and never will. I urge you to do the same. I didn't have a blog back then or I'd have posted then. I did complain to corporate. I believe they wanted to talk to me on the phone. No way! What were they going to do? I don't want to get a free meal or something because then everyone in the restaurant knows I'm the guy who complained and then my food will really be fucked with.

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