Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Liquid Ass and Barfume Novelty Scents

I don't know where I originally heard about Liquid Ass, but as soon as I saw it I did some Google detective work. It's smells like shit. They also make one that smells like puke. It seems everyone thinks this stuff is the worst smelling stuff ever. From Howie Mandel to Howard Stern to just anyone. There's reviews all over of how bad it is. Some people say just opening the bottle is enough to make you gag and warn you to wear a mask if you're easily upset. Supposedly one squirt and the smell lasts for hours. I finally took the plunge and decided to place an order.

I bought a bottle of Liquid Ass and a bottle of Barfume. A small bottle is $7.95. I'm upset that they charged me $7.54 shipping, when it only cost them $1.73 plus the price of a padded envelope. Not nice!

I opened the bottle of Liquid Ass first and prepared for the worst. It was indeed nasty smelling, it really smelled like shit, but it wasn't as bad as people said. I didn't gag at all. I sprayed some on someone's carpet and took a whiff. I couldn't smell anything! Was the odor of this person's dirty bedroom even more powerful or was this product not that good? The following day I sprayed 3 or 4 sprays on that same carpet. Still nothing. I'm upset with the product. I'll have to take out outside and try spraying it elsewhere, but my tests so far indicate this product is a failure.

I opened the bottle of Barfume, but didn't spray any. It smells like puke, but with my disappointment earlier I decided to wait and spray it elsewhere.

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