Monday, April 4, 2011

Zinburger - Clifton, NJ

Last Friday night my Girlfriend and I went to Zinburger in Clifton, NJ. The menu on their website makes your mouth drool! Onions braised in zinfindel wine, BACON BLOODY MARY and DOUBLE TRUFFLE FRIES! The drive is about an hour for me, but bacon has some sort of stronghold over me.

When I got there they had a thirty minute wait. Not too bad. You'd wait that (or more) at most other places. The place inside was packed and very noisy. Very noisy. They give you one of those paging things that will go up to 100 feet away, so you're free to go outside at least. I think I waited what they quoted me or less.

I like that their website has prices on it, so I knew what to expect before going. The burgers range from around $8 - $14 and they're all 8 ounce. The roll was big and thick. In addition to what's on the menu they have weekly burger specials, I believe those were the pricier ones. They also have monthly milkshake specials.

The waiter was extremely nice and thus I gave him a 40% tip! I never leave tips that big! I wish I'd have got his name to leave him good feedback with the restaurant. Both of us didn't finish our burger and he seemed very genuine and sincere with his concern. We were just full and couldn't eat any more. The food was AWESOME! If you're reading this Zinburger, we sat close to the window, against the wall, under one of the cows, which was a few tables away from the order entry machine by the window. We were there on April 1st around 8 or 8:30pm.

Our Bacon Bloody Mary came out first. It's very spicy. You can definitely taste the bacon throughout. They infuse their vodka with it and garnish with a strip. The drink was blended very well and goes down smooth, The glass a nice size for $8. I want more! If Zinburger wasn't so far from me I'd be there more often. Again, if you're reading this Zinburger, Princeton NJ is a good trendy area for you to open.

Next came the fries. I had double truffle fries, which are shown in the picture. They're fries tossed with truffle oil and served with a truffle aioli. They're very thin and cooked and seasoned perfectly. My Girlfriend had green bean fries. They were very good also, but nothing special. A lot of places serve them now.

A short time later the burgers came. We both had the Zinburger, which has manchego cheese and those wine soaked onions I spoke about earlier. Both of our burgers were cooked perfectly. Mine was medium rare and the inside was perfectly pink. They were juicy and flavorful. I love cheese and I believe this was my first time having manchego. It was so good I'm going out to buy some tonight.

Can't say a bad thing about this place other than I want one closer by and I want more Bacon Bloody Mary.

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  1. BTW, if they got a location closer to me I'd take up a second job just to be able to eat there more often.