Monday, February 14, 2011

You Again (2010)

I'll be honest. I would have not rented this movie in a million years. The main reason I got it because Redbox DVD was running a special. Rent two movies and get 1 free for Valentine's Day. I needed to rent one more. The other reason is my Girlfriend likes Betty White.

This movie was horrible! It was about a girl who got picked on in high school, only to shed her inner geek and grow up successful, then to come home for her Brother's wedding to find out she's marrying the girl who used to torment her.

This movie doesn't have one funny part in it. Not once did I laugh. My Girlfriend didn't think the movie was funny either.

I told her that she better not fall asleep and an hour later I find out I'm the only one who finished watching the movie, so I kept looking over to see if she's still awake. She ended up falling asleep, followed by me. I did see 99% of the movie, but I wish I hadn't.

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