Friday, February 18, 2011

Slim Jim - Jamaican Jerk

Slim Jim came out with regular sized Jamaican Jerk flavor, and monster sized Zesty Garlic. I haven't seen the garlic for sale yet, but I don't like the monster sized Slim Jim any way. They're too thick.

Anyway, they make a chili flavored Slim Jim. Jamaican tasted kind of like those, but with a hint of sweet weirdness in there. Nutmeg? Clove? I'm not sure. So, you get some heat with some other flavor. The heat sticks around on your tongue a bit.

They were alright, but I'm not so sure I want them again.

While I'm talking about Slim Jim's, I don't like the casing. Some of the Slim Jim's are kind of harder (could be due to cold weather) and I won't eat them, but I've found removing the casing I always eat them. Someone should invent something like the "Rotato" to remove the casing easily.

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