Monday, August 16, 2010

Magic Grill - Mongolian BBQ - Garwood, NJ

Love this place! Have you ever been to a Mongolian BBQ? If not, let me explain how it works:

First, you get your choice of normal Chinese soups.. egg drop, wonton, hot & sour, etc. Then you go up and grab a bowl. They're pretty deep. You should over fill these.. the food shrinks down while cooking.

You pick beef, pork, or chicken and put as much as you want in the bowl. Shrimp or scallops are a few bucks extra.

They have a bunch of fresh vegetables, carrot, bok choy (sp?), green onion, water chestnuts, tofu, onions, green peppers, bamboo shoots, etc.

Then you load your bowl with long yellow noodles. You really pile your bowl high.. over the top by at least 3 or 4 inches.. it shrinks down somehow during cooking.

After that you pile on one of 4 or 5 different sauces.. szechuan, mongolian bbq, etc. I suggest at least 10 ladles of sauce so the chef doesn't have to use any water while cooking. Then a ladle of wine. Then some vegetable oil or sesame oil and garlic if you want.

Drop your bowl by the chef and he cooks it on a huge round grill. Only takes a few minutes and it's back in your bowl.

After that you can add hot chili oil, sesame seeds, or nuts.

It's really nice that you can control what you want in your food and I can make it really saucy.

The food here is always excellent. A lot of people love the rice wontons, but the sauce was too sweet for me. You don't even have to finish your sentence and the lady already knows you want the wontons.

You can get this to go and it'll stay hot for a long time. My friend got some to go for his Girlfriend, they watched a movie for an hour or so, went home and it was still hot.

Dinner is $10.95 per person. So, for 3 people, all you can eat, plus two iced teas and the wontons it came out to $37 bucks. During lunch I went with a friend, we had four large bowls of food, two iced teas, two waters, and two soups for $19 bucks.


  1. Good stuff. I linked to your review at Garwood

  2. I was looking to find a closer Mongolian BBQ. There's one in New Brunswick, but my friend has been there before. He says it's nowhere near as good as the one reviewed above. The food was bland and the sauces flavorless.