Sunday, January 24, 2010

Youth In Revolt (2009) - Movie

This wasn't hilarious as in making your ribs hurt, but it did have a bunch of funny moments. I thought the cast played their parts well.

Michael Cera is still that awkward kid, but in this movie gets to step out a little more as "Francois" his bad-ass alter-ego. Some of the things he would do as his alter-ego was funny and the moustache made it all the more funny.

Jean Smart sure knows how to play a trashy girl. I'm not sure most of the movies she was in, but I do recall her having a brief fling with Frasier and from the movie Garden State. Far from her Designing Women persona. I'm sure she has other trashy roles on her resume.

Steve Buscemi played a great white trash father.

The only role I thought wasn't as good as it could have been was that of Fred Willard. He was good at what they had him do, but I wish he had more of a part in the movie. He's so funny some times.

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