Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jim Norton - Happy Endings

It's not often I read books. It has to be a topic that really interests me and even then I may not read the whole thing. I've been meaning to pick up Jim Norton's books for awhile, since I really used to enjoy the Opie and Anthony show when it was on 92.3. It was a daily part of my work commute, even though I only work about 8 minutes away.


The book is funny right from the beginning. The forewords were done by Colin Quinn. I say forewords because there's two of them. I don't know if they set this up intentionally, but it was funny. The first foreword was done without him ever reading the book, the second was after he read the book.

I found a bunch of the chapters funny, but some of it seemed made up for the sake of comedy. Sometimes it's hard to tell if some of the stuff is made up, but they still make me laugh. After the first few chapters the prostitute and oral treat stories got a little stale, but intertwined between was good reading.

While I am still a big fan of Jimmy's comedy, I think he creeps me out just a bit more after reading this and I'm not so sure I'd want to shake his hand if we ever met.

I'm proud of myself for reading the whole book and will be starting on his other book soon.

On a side note, I drove with my Girlfriend to Pennsylvania today to purchase a bedroom set. On the way back I was telling her a story about the Opie & Anthony show where they were talking about boogers one day. I believe Bob Kelly used to roll his boogers up into little balls, then put them on the spot over his lips, under his noses. He'd roll them for hours into perfect little balls. He'd put them away to save for later when he gto home from school.

So, I kept telling my Girlfriend to look at me. I was showing her where he would put them and  had to pull over on the side of the road. She puked on the side of the car!

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