Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition

I love the game of Scrabble. Ever since a kid I can remember loving it. My Dad's side of the family is larger and during get togethers the game would often be played. The kids weren't usually allowed to play. My Dad would take forever to put a word down and then try to make up a word in order to get points (mostly just to get a laugh).

My Girlfriend and I have a few board games in the house and Scrabble was one that we needed. I looked around and decided to go for a "Deluxe" edition, as my Grandmother had one. This includes a nicer board that has grooves to hold the tiles in place and spins around to make it easier to turn the board for people.

I finally settled on the Diamond Anniversary Edition as seen here:

While I am generally happy with my purchase, there are a few things that do bother me. First the things I like about it: Groves to hold tiles in place in case of somebody accidentally bumping the table, spins on wheels so it's easy to turn the board towards someone, and everything can be stored inside the board and folded up to store easily.

Now the thing that really bothers me.. the tiles are poorly made. This doesn't affect the game play, but you'd think they'd have done a better job considering the thirty dollar price tag for this. Some of the tiles are cut a little off, so they're not all exactly the same size. Some of them are chipped and/or cracked. Some of the letters are off center. Some of the letters are printed in slightly different size on the tiles.

If none of that bothers you, I say go for it. Otherwise a great boardgame and I'd highly recommend it over the normal one. I'm getting myself a set of Double Injection Molded Protiles anyway, so the tiles that came with this do not matter as much.

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