Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mountain Dew Throwback

Has anyone tried it? I saw it in the store last night. Limited edition stuff makes me think I need to get some now or I'll never be able to try it, so I had to buy some.

They make Pepsi Throwback also, but I didn't see that. I love the retro look of the cans, especially the Pepsi logo. Ya-hooo? Do I smell a lawsuit from a major website with the same name?

The soda is made with real sugar as opposed to corn syrup. Looking through the ingredients I notice Orange Juice Concentrate. Interesting. Did Pepsico inadvertently give out a secret to their recipe? I don't notice this ingredient on the newer Mountain Dew.

I tasted it, even though I gave up drinking soda almost completely about 15 or 20 years ago. It seemed to be less carbonated. To me it tasted almost the same as newer Mountain Dew, but something different about it. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly to call the difference in taste. I was almost going to get a new bottle to compare. I might still do that since I most of a 12-pack left. Let's just say I enjoy this more than the newer Mountain Dew.

This throwback stuff has less carbonation and I found myself burping less. Great! It'll still rot your teeth just as fast I'm sure, and still tear up your insides, but I thought it was tasty and a welcome change. Too bad it's limited edition only until February 22nd.

Above I mentioned I don't drink soda anymore. Years and years of having Jolt Cola for breakfast when my Mom got out of work on the overnight shift had ruined my insides. Soda makes me have pains inside and sometimes throw up.... but if I did still drink soda, there's three kinds I'd put in my all time favorites list: 1 - Jolt Cola's original, 2 - Mountain Dew, 3 - Interesting brands or weird flavors (such as the Skeleteens line). Sure, I dig some other flavors, but these ones, to me, stand through time.

You can view more info, graphics, Tweeting, and Facebook on their website:

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