Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We The They - The Shabby Road EP

These guys will be huge! Extremely catchy songs with lyrics that can relate to everyone. Three songs that all rock and get your body moving. Produced by Roger Greenawalt (of Ben Kweller fame). More than worth the price to buy their songs or see them live. You can't go wrong either way.

The video below is for "Pastures" and was done by Graeme Pearce. He captured the feel of the song perfectly. I've often said he'll be the next Michel Gondry. Some of his work is just that great.

I call the part about 1:43 in to 2:09 in, "The Best 25 Seconds in Music Ever", and I've listened to not only their songs thousands of times, but that section specifically. There's lots of depth to the music that you may only notice after a few listens.

You can see We The They on MySpace @ this link and you can see more of Graeme's videos @ this link - I recommend checking out the video for 8 Legs "These Grey Days".

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