Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot Dog Johnny's - Buttzville, NJ

I've been driving past this on my way from Jersey to Pennsylvania most of my life. It's just before the Delaware Water Gap, so the scenery around the area is just beautiful. Never stopped in until this past summer 2009. I'll never stop in again!

The food was horrible. The dogs were nothing special and weren't cooked enough. There aren't any toppings really.. so don't expect any "Texas Weiner", "All The Way", or "Chili" sauces.

They make fresh buttermilk. I like buttermilk sometimes and definitely like it on my mashed potatoes, but theirs was the worst I've ever tried. Freshly churned vomit is more like it.

There's another hot dog place down the road a ways. If I wasn't going somewhere I'd have stopped there too (and probably been happy).

I like to read the website Holly Eats but do not agree one bit that they deserve four grease stains.

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