Thursday, December 17, 2009

Room Planner

Bob's Discount Furniture has a bunch of stores in the Northeast (USA). They have some great prices. I'm picking up THIS BEDROOM SET only in darker wood.

Anyway, if you need to plan a room, try the Room Planner link up top. It's really good for being free. Here's my little bedroom:

That's a king size bed, night stand next to it, a computer desk in the top left, a large women's dresser (vanity?) which I may not attach the mirror and instead put on a large tv, and in the closet is my dresser. Oh, and I put the air conditioner on the left. The other door which I did not draw a room for is my bathroom.

You have to register to use the room planner, but there's tons of things you can do.

You can design walls, put in doors or windows, and drop in tons of items from desks to beds to televisions even arcade games, ping pong tables, pool tables, bars, etc. Everything can be rotated and resized. The stuff I listed you can drop in is just the tip.. there's a bunch of other stuff sorted by room.. bathroom, kitchen, gaming room, etc. You can also color things if you want. You can also lock items in place so you don't accidentally move them when you don't want to.

You can save your designs and export them as I did above, or use the share button to email a link to someone where they can see your room and they can play around with your room without signing in.

The system is not without flaws though. They're mostly minor issues, which really just annoy me and nothing more. Sometimes it will have an error when trying to save. For me I closed the browser and reopened and I'm able to save again. I am unsure if it saves text. I'd imagine it should, but mine is not there. Maybe that was one time the save wasn't working. I had written what everything was on top of it so you'd know what is a dresser, etc., but that doesn't show. Also, sometimes when trying to put to walls together it gets a "jittery" motion when you get near the other wall. I wanted my walls to be perfectly lined up, but sometimes it's hard. Like I mentioned, just annoying, nothing major.

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