Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Wednesday's is $4 movie night near me. Stupid me I forgot it was Seniors only. Being that I'm nowhere near ready to kick the bucket yet, I had to pay full price $9.50 x 2. Tuesday is the night everyone can get in for 4 bucks.

I can't believe there's some people out there who even like this movie.

During the first few moments with it's "home movie camera like feel" I figured the beginning would suck and thought eventually it would get better. It didn't. This was worse than the Blair Witch Project.

From 7:40pm to almost 8:30pm I sat there bored out of my mind. Oh I'm so scared.. the door moved and there was a little noise. I've woke up from dead sleep (maybe even at 2:09 AM) hearing worse noises than that coming out of my dog's ass.

Maybe you're going to say I didn't give the movie enough time to get going? Come on it was over 30 minutes at least. I bet the people working on this movie set also worked on Schindler's List or something equally as boring. Zzz.

The people in the commercial for this movie (you know the ones sitting in the theater watching the movie) did a better job acting then the actual people in the movie. They made me believe this movie might have some substance and something scary. I get more excited watching the "ghost" shows on TV: Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, Paranormal Kids, or Ghost Hunters.

I'm 36 years old and I don't think I've ever walked out of a movie until tonight.

Someone said, "You have to appreciate the this-could-happen-to-me feel of this movie". It already has happened to me! I come home to my apartment, I get in bed with my Girlfriend, I sometimes film things, I use my computer, I cook eggs, sometimes a door moves or I hear a noise, sometimes I wake up at 2:09am. Sure all those things have already happened to me, just like in the movie.

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