Friday, December 25, 2009

This Is Why You're Fat

[Cobra Commander] posted pictures online of how to make a Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Pizza Burger. I decided to make a miniature version of this with ingredients from the dollar store. I left off the bacon. I had some hamburger patties I cooked, and sandwiched them between two Red Baron single serving deep dish pizzas from the dollar store. I also added some Jalapeno cheese sauce.

[CebusCapucinis] tipped me off to the website This Is Why You're Fat which has pictures of other fattening foods and a book for sale. I thought some of the ideas were freakin genius, while others were just a fat mess. Pun intended.

At Thanksgiving, I asked my family if they think it's a good idea to get it for my Mom for Christmas. Would she think I'm calling her fat or would she see it in the same humerous way I do? Everyone agreed I shouldn't get it and that they wouldn't want their child getting it for them either. I think they're all wrong and bought it:

I bought the book. The front cover has a picture of a bacon cheeseburger using two Krispy Kreme donuts as buns. I think that picture was perfect for the cover because they gave it a raised texture, which kind of feels like a glazed donut. The book contains over 130 colorful pages. Lots of pictures and lots of recipes. The book is put together very well. Good thickness to the pages with vivid colors. I think it was worth the $9.99 price.

The only negative things I have to say is that some of the food is a great idea and inventive, but some of them just seem to be thrown together for the book. The Happy Meal Pizza is just a mismatched mess. It could have been presented better.

The Corndog Pizza is an interesting idea, but shouldn't you have removed the sticks from the corndogs before serving them to your guests?

The Cornhole is a terrible idea. It's corn on the cob wrapped in hickory smoked bacon, two hotdogs, two cheese sticks, and ground beef. So if someone takes a big bite, they're going to get a mouthful of cob? Eew!

The book is broken down into a few sections: Breakfast of Champions, Bacon Gone Wild, Souped-up Sandwiches, and Big-time Burgers. I already mentioned a few above, but here's a sampling of what you will also see in the book: Grilled Cheesecake (great play on a standard grilled cheese and looks great), Deep Fried Coke (saw this on television also and it sounds awesome), and of course the recipe that got me started on this all the Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Pizza Burger (it was very good).

Worst comes to worst if my Mom is offended by the title of the book I can say I got it for her because I see two or three things in there mentioning Hawaii. She lives there.

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