Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hawk Krall Illustration - Hot Dog Prints

I was searching the web one day for a recipe related to hot dog sauce. My Grandmother loves a "Texas Weiner" which has a special greek sauce on it. She moved about an hour and a half away from anything remotely like that.

While doing my search I came across the website Serious Eats and their Hot Dog of the Week posts which have Philadelphia-based illustrator Hawk Krall doing original artwork on a regular basis. Here's a sample of some prints:

I bought the Texas Weiner, obviously, and had it framed for my Grandmother as a Christmas gift. Hawk was absolutely wonderful to not only place an order from, but chat with as well. Great guy! He shipped the print in a heavy mailing tube and inside the tube protected my print further with other things. Really great packaging. He shipped promptly.

I'll say the print is much better looking in person. It's a high quality Giclee print on acid-free archival paper. The print looks almost as if he painted each one himself. The colors are great and really pop out when you add the right colored frame. I walked all around my apartment and held it up against the wall to see how it would look and honestly if my Girlfriend let me I'd buy the whole set and hang the over the couch in the living room. They're just that nice and have a great retro vibe.

You can see his website and other prints by clicking the logo below. He does more than that, so have a looksee.

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