Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maco Labels - Website Review

I highly, highly recommend these guys if you use a lot of Avery and Staples branded labels. I've used them many times. Their prices are fantastic and include shipping. For less than I'd pay at Staples I get over double the amount of labels. Check out one example:

Avery 5160 - These are address sized labels. A box of 3000 labels is $26.99 plus tax. Maco Labels has their own brand for $12 a box!

The only catch is you have to buy 5 boxes at a time.. so for $60 you're getting 15,000 labels. At Staples you'd get only 6000 labels of the Avery brand, and for a few dollars less you'd get Staples brand.

The Maco Labels are just as good if you ask me and I have no problems with jamming or anything else in my laser printers.

Click their logo at the top of this post to be taken to their website.

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