Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Provantage - Website Review

At work I use a Zebra printer to print stuff for the fashion industry. Everything from those tags you see on clothing with prices, barcodes, colors, etc. to the 4" x 6" labels on our shipping cartons.

For years we've been ordering labels from the same place. This was started long before I was even working for the company. They are $15 for a roll of 1000 labels. That's 4 rolls per carton for $85 (includes about $25 shipping).

Needed to place an order recently and decided to search Google for something cheaper. That's when I came across http://www.provantage.com. They had the same labels we get, but Zebra brand for $10.47! We're thinking there's no way they can sell 4 rolls that cheap, but they do. Even with the $25 shipping it still came to about $50 less than the other company!

I haven't really shopped any of their other supplies yet, but I'll definitely do so in the near future. Communication from them was great. The emails for my order and order shipping came very quick. They actually had my order ready to ship very shortly after I placed and I received my stuff only a few days later.

From my experience so far I'd highly recommend to take a look and see if they have anything you need.

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  1. Since the time of this review, I bought a $1200 printer from them also. The price was at least $250 - $300 cheaper than other places.