Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bowling Ball - MoRich Total Annihlation

I started bowling in 2003. I haven't really bowled my whole life. I was always afraid of going up there and making a fool out of myself. What was I worried about? I still make a fool out of myself and don't care any more.

I started off with a Storm (I think) brand ball because it was cheaper, standard grip, and a 125 average for the season. As I started to pick up tips, my average went up a little. People don't just give all the tips you need to succeed, because they're out to win the league also, but here and there you'll pick up some little tidbits. Combining them all into one makes for great advice. You have to figure out which tips are genuine and which aren't. Some people might just be out to mess up your game. I tried things that worked and didn't work.

Besides the helpful tips, I think the thing that helped my game out the most was getting a MoRich Total Annihlation ball and switching to a finger tip grip.

I wanted to go for one of the best balls you can buy and I wanted something that not everyone had. This thing freakin rocked. For the first time I had some really nice hook. Even at low speed this thing had some nice hook and power towards the end. I may not have perfect form when approaching the lane.. I'm far from good looking in that aspect, but if you just look at my ball going down you'd think I'm a decent bowler. I went up from a 125 average to a 148!

The place I bowled at closed and the way everything went down was kind of crappy. We had a fairly big league of over 30 teams I believe, but some people didn't want to bowl on Mondays anymore, some didn't want to bowl on Tuesdays, etc. In the end people went here and people went there. I hardly have contact with anyone from the league.

With that said, I haven't bowled in 2 years ago and don't have any of my stuff any more. I wouldn't hesitate to give a new MoRich ball another try, and I'm going to. I just don't know how to judge the lanes at the alley I joined a league in to figure out which ball is best for me.

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