Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chef Michael's Dog Food

My dog has been on Iam's since he was a puppy when I bought him. A month or two ago I didn't have enough money for a bag since it's expensive. I needed something to get me through a few days until I got paid. Chef Michael's was $4.99 or $5.99 for a small bag. You're not just supposed to change foods like that, but I needed something and figured I'd give it a try.

The first thing I notice about the wet version of this food is that it comes in 8 flavors. That's nice, because I bet my boy gets bored eating the same thing day in day out 365 days a year. Cat food normally comes in lots of flavors, so it's about time I start seeing something different for dogs. I only feed my dog dry food, so I can't comment on the wet. The dry comes in two flavors, Rotisserie Chicken and Filet Mignon as seen below:

Immediately upon opening the bag I noticed a good aroma and my dog was going nuts. The Rotisserie Chicken looks like real pieces of chicken with peas and carrots. The Filet Migon looks like real steak with potato and green beans.

My dog absolutely loves this stuff! He will eat the whole bowl in minutes. With Iam's he'd eat slower and take his time, sometimes not even finishing the bowl and coming back later to finish. Not with Chef Michaels. The bowl is totally empty every time!

My only complaint about this brand is that the food goes pretty quick and in the long run would cost me more than Iams. Pick up a handful of food and it feels "light and airy" sort of like a cheese puff. The bag disappears a lot faster than the bag of Iam's, so what I'm doing now is still feeding him his Iam's, but mixing in a bit of the new stuff for different flavor.

Actually, I do have one more small complaint. Chef Michael's makes my dog fart more. I've had my dog about four years now and have only heard him fart two or three times. With the new dog food I bet he's farted at least ten times in the past 2 to 3 months. The might not be the food's fault totally, but might be the change in my dog's diet.

I will keep using this new product, though, because my dog loves it and I think he deserves some different flavors in his life. I always get him different treats, but this is nice too.

PS - It snowed here about 10 - 12 inches or so. The snow was higher than my dog! He got all snowy, wet, cold, etc. I thought a good idea was Hot Chocolate for Dogs (with Carob of course). I wonder if they'd like that? Humans go shovel show and come in the house to a nice warm cup of cocoa, why not our furry friends too?

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  1. I've since bought some of the small cans of wet food. I find them to be overpriced. They're 99 cents and the can states for my dog's weight I'd need like 2 or 3 cans (I forget).

    He LOVES them though!!! Cleans his bowl like always with Chef Michaels.