Friday, December 25, 2009

Domino's New Pizza

Domino's has re-created their pizza recipe from the ground up. They changed everything about it. It rolls out nationwide December 27th. I had to try it!

What's changed and what do I think?

The Sauce is Boss - Medley of herbs with a red pepper kick. My opinion? This sauce really is boss. I don't mean that it's good. I mean that it's overpowering and too sweet. I noticed no red pepper kick what so ever.

Mmmmm Cheese - Mozzerella with a hint of provolone. My opinion? The sauce overpowered everything. I didn't notice any provolone. Cheese tasted normal to me.

Upper Crust - Garlic seasoned crust with a rich buttery taste. I did notice a hint of garlic, but it's nothing special and not strong enough for me.

The verdict? Domino's will always be what they've always been to me. Mass produced, corporate bullshit. If you want pizza you have to visit a real pizza place. I prefer New York Style, but some people prefer Chicago. Most places besides Domino's will do in a pinch.

Instead of focusing on pizza, what would I have done? Their garlic sauce sucks. I always dip my crust in it. It's like getting bread sticks without paying for them. Their garlic sauce is too salty. I'm not saying Papa John's is good pizza to me, but I'd take them over Domino's any day. They have Domino's beat in every way. From the much tastier Garlic Sauce all the way to the spicy sausage they use.

PS - Don't ever order from Domino's on Christmas Eve. Expect to wait an hour and a half even if you're just ordering one pie. I ordered from the store in East Windsor, NJ (through their website) and the employees were rude. I understand they're short handed with only one driver, and three people behind the counter, and they were doing the best they can to get all the orders out. I waited there along with about 7 or 8 other people for our order, but the people behind the counter didn't even acknowledge I existed. I asked about my pies and got no answer. Myself and another person almost walked out.

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