Sunday, May 6, 2012

Very Cherre - Tart Cherry Blueberry

These were $2.49 for an 11 ounce bottle at the farmers market. I've never seen them anywhere else. Comes in four flavors.. Cherry, Cherry Pomegranate, Cherry Cranberry, and the one pictured above, Cherry Blueberry. Interesting bottle. That's not a bad graphic editing job on my part. The left side is curved a bit and bumpy, the right side really is flat.
I didn't check the label before I bought this and I'm always disappointed when ingredients say "grape juice". Kind of misleading when the front says "cherry blueberry". The image above was from their website, but the actual product color looks nothing like that. It's very purple.

The flavor was not tart and I didn't taste a lot of cherry. Blueberry and grape were most prominent here. I like cherry, but really only bought this because it said tart. Not something I'd buy again.

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