Friday, December 2, 2011


Today I am writing a review for the game SteamBirds. I've only played it on flash, but I see they have it for Android, iPhone, etc.

The game is a in turn-based, strategic aerial combat. It's very easy to learn and there's a handful of different levels. I've beaten all the levels, but it has some replay value if you want to go back and do all the missions perfect.

The graphics are very nice. There's no cutscenes or dialog. You jump right into the game with short, easy to follow tutorial. Controlling your plane is as simple as moving the arrows and clicking the button in the top right corner. After that you will see how that turn works out. Your plane and the enemy plane will move for a short time at which you can make another turn.

Besides normal guns, some planes have special abilities. Some can use a boost of speed, some can do a 180 degree turn, some have a shield, and some can shoot poisonous gas out the back. You can only use these every 2 turns, so it might take some strategy when to use them.

Just like in a real plane, you wouldn't be able to just fly right in and shoot the enemy. You have to carefully fly around to dodge the enemy bullets and fire back.

As the levels progress so does the difficulty. You might have only 2 planes, but need to figure out how to take down 5 planes coming at you. There's also some boss type planes, which take longer to kill.

I played this game on Armor Games website, but you can find it all over. There's also another game SteamBirds Survival which adds a bunch of new planes, powerups, etc, but with the similar game play of this.

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