Friday, December 2, 2011

Aldi's Grandessa Signature Quattro Formaggio

Normally I like to keep Aldi Supermarket reviews in one post HERE, but this one was too good to pass up.

It's a pizza with four different slices. You get one with Mozzarella, one with Red Cheddar & Parmesan, one with Roquefort, and one with Goat's Cheese. I loved every slice!

The two most memorable slices were the Roquefort and Goat's Cheese. Roquefort is a blue cheese with a sharp tang and pungent odor. Very tasty. The Goat's Cheese was very tasty, but I don't know how to describe the flavor exactly. Was it nutty? Not exactly. It was a few small discs like in the picture. Wikipedia says it has a tartness, which I associate with a cherry and I don't think it had that. Whatever, all I need to remember is delicious. The other two slices weren't bad either, but the two above were amazing.

As for taste, this pizza was probably the best pizza I've ever had from a box. They're so good I'm considering going back to buy five or ten more! As for the crust, it was just average.

I ate this pizza by myself, but I think the worst part is if I had to share. I don't want to give either of those two slices away!

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  1. I agre with all you said, but the two ALDI supermarkets in my area do not carry the signature pizzas anymore (Massachusetts).. WHERE THE HECK CAN I GET SOME???? Bobbio