Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roasted Garlic Panacotta

I don't exactly how I got the idea that I wanted to make panacotta. It's not even in my normal daily vocabulary. Anyway, I did some searches and found this recipe on another website. Easy to make, very tasty. I'll post her picture here, but link her website for the recipe.

Panacotta is made out of milk and uses gelatin to make it set up. It comes out spreadable similar to butter. Tastes great on warm toast like pumpernickle bread. Tomorrow I'm going to try it on some potatoes I cook for breakfast and for lunch in a grilled cheese sandwich. I would imagine a large pat stuffed inside a cheeseburger would be fabulous.

In her recipe I left out the clove of garlic that was unroasted. I roasted it all. For the salt, pepper, and cheese I just eyeballed it.

I found these little containers at Dollar Tree. They come in packs of 10 and I was able to fill 7 of them from this recipe. Don't let the picture fool you. They are really tiny. They hold about 7 or 8 tablespoons worth of stuff.

Link to her website and recipe:
Roasted Garlic and Reggiano Panacotta

PS - A grilled cheese is awesome with this in it. I took a cue from an episode of Friends where Ross had a sandwich with the patented "Moist Maker". It's a third slice of bread in the middle covered in gravy. Well, in my case I put a third slice in the middle covered with this panacotta. Toasted bread, covered both sides with panacotta, surrounded each side by 2 slices of cheese, two more pieces of bread, and grilled.

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