Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tom Pizzica - Food Network

Tom Pizzica

Tom was one of the finalists on the Next Food Network Star. He didn't win  the show, but in my mind he's an even bigger winner. Aarti Sequeira won and her show is on Sunday mornings. I never watch that time slot. I don't even like her show name. It sounds so pretentious and stuck up the way she pronounces "Aarti Party". Another winner, Melissa, has a show on Sunday mornings also. I don't like her show either. Tom (along with Guy Fieri) caters to a younger crowd.

Anyway, this review is about Tom. I was very excited to see him in his own show, Outrageous Foods., which airs on Friday nights at 10pm. I was instantly drawn to him on the Next Food Network Star. He has a great personality and is warm and charismatic. He reminds me of my Dad a little and a best friend rolled in one. I could picture myself hanging out, playing video games with him, etc. While I can't say I've ever met him, he just seems like such a nice guy and that's what made him MY next star.

Tom is a great story teller. From his genius story "A Tale of Two Tunas" to his warm childhood cooking memories as seen in his pilot, "Big Chef", or even his website.

Tom also seems to have some good food knowledge, which is why I wish him all the success in the world and I hope he'll be able to branch out into more shows in the future. I'd love to see him get some branded merchandise as well, like maybe a book or something. I'm down for a copy or two.

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