Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cooler Master HAF 912 case

I'm doing reviews on the stuff I bought to build my new computer. Next up is the Cooler Master HAF 912 case. HAF stands for High Air Flow. I was originally going to puchase the HAF 922 or 932, because the pictures I see online show it as being very roomy. The HAF 922 was $124.99 at Microcenter. I reserved it online and went to pick it up, but saw the 912. I didn't even know it existed.

Obviously the 912 isn't going to be as big or roomy as the others, but the price was a lot better. At $69.99, with the money I saved, I could afford to buy more stuff.

The case looks really nice. Like something military like. It seems pretty sturdy. Here's what the inside looks like:
The inside isn't colored black, but that's okay with me. You'll never see that anyway. You may not be able to tell from that picture, but it's really roomy. With my previous computers the hard drives were so close to the memory, the DVD/CD writer stuck out over the motherboard. In general it was hard to plug in things and get at things if you needed. That won't happen here. I have a 2GB of memory installed and another 2GB module coming on Monday. I'll have no troubles getting it put in.

There's four bays in which you can install stuff like DVD/CD writers, fan monitors, etc. There's even one if you want to install an ancient floppy drive. They're all covered in a black mesh like texture and looks really nice. When inserting something, it does not extend over the motherboard I have at all.

Next you'll notice below that there's space to put hard drives sideways. They're very simple to get in/out and you don't need tools to do so. It gave me plenty of things to slide in 3.5" drives, 2.5", and I think SSD.

Cooling in this case is amazing and is one reason I wanted it. The power supply mounts on the bottom (farther away from the CPU) and the heat gets shot out the bottom of the case. The front has support for one 200mm fan or two 120mm  fans for intake of fresh air. The side panel can support either a 120mm or 140mm fan for intake as well. For getting air out of the case there's one 120mm fan and the top has room for one 200mm or two 120mm fans. What I like is that cool air blows in from the front and side, the CPU cooler brings it across and it goes right out the top or back.

I think the case was a great deal for the price. This case, THESE CASE FANS, and my CPU COOLER, combine to keep everything nice and cool. I started my system at 40 degrees celcius and after gaming for 30 mins I'm still at the same temp.

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