Sunday, October 10, 2010

J-Burger Meat Seasoning

This stuff looked awesome! Onion and Chipotle Onion flavors. You put them right in your meat and make very flavorful hamburgers with them.

They were $5.99 or $6.99 a jar, which is pretty expensive, but I thought it would do a bunch of burgers and they look like they'd taste really intense. Sort of like when you make a sauce reduction it gets really flavorful. I bought Chipotle.

Tasting it on a spoon, I told my Girlfriend the meal might be a little spicy tonight. The flavors were just as I was expecting. Great onion and spicy flavor. However, I followed the instructions of 1 tablespoon and mixed it into my burgers, and they came out with absolutely no flavor at all. They were however, the moistest burgers I've ever cooked.

For my next burgers, I not only mixed in the seasoning, I spread it on the roll as well. Still couldn't taste it!

Would I buy this again based on flavor? Absolutely not. Would I buy it again because it made the most moist burgers I've ever eaten? All signs point to no.

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