Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scarlet Ibis – Caribbean Food, Willingboro, NJ

I love Jamaican Patties. Although you can buy a few different brands in the supermarket, I wanted to find something near me that’s authentic, not mass-produced.

There’s two places in New Brunswick, NJ where you can get a Jamaican Patty on Coco Bread, but I think both places use the same brand I’d find in the supermarket.

In my search for new places I came across Scarlet Ibis in Willingboro, NJ. 

The restaurant is right off Route 130 behind a mall. Parking was plentiful and the restaurant was very clean. 

I didn’t actually try an entree, as I was really there to just get Jamaican Patties. To my surprise, they had four or five different varieties! Beef, Curry Chicken, Spicy Beef, Vegetable, and Spinach, I think were all of them.

They appeared to be made fresh at the store. I had spinach and vegetable as they were out of beef. My Girlfriend and her Daughter both had Vegetable and liked them a lot. I had spinach and vegetable, found the spinach to be a little sweet. While both of them were good, it’s not something I totally liked because I like beef or spicy beef only. Next time I’ll go back earlier in the day to try them, as I’m sure I’ll love them.

I also tried some banana pudding. It was excellent. I believe it had vanilla wafers in it.

I also had some sort of Beet Carrot juice. It sounded good, but it had cardamom, almonds, and other stuff in it. I took one sip and spit it out of my car window. The brand was Juices International from Brooklyn, New York. Had it been savory, rather than a combination of savory and sweet, I think I would have liked it. Next time before trying one of their juices I’m going to read the ingredients.

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