Monday, September 13, 2010

The Round Grill - Mongolian BBQ - New Brunswick, NJ

I can sum this place up pretty quick for you: A few minutes after leaving, I was driving down the road and I thew up on my shirt and in my lap! This place was horrible!

My friends turned me on to Magic Grill in Garwood, New Jersey, but that is about an hour away. I thought I'd try and find something closer, which is when I stumbled upon this place. It's about 15 to 20 minutes from me. When I told my friend about it, he said he thinks he went there already and it's totally bland. He was totally right.

First off, it's $13.50 for dinner all you can eat when they have an advertisement up on website saying it's $10.50. Magic Grill is cheaper. Lunch price for Round Grill is like $7.50, yet on the website $6.40. I'm going to complain to them.

I think the chef cooks for a shorter time at a higher temperature, so the food wasn't cooked as well, but it was piping hot. I had to wait longer to take a bite, the noodles were so hot, yet the vegetables were too crispy.

The vegetables weren't cut as nicely as they were at Magic Grill. They were big chunks. The scallions were too large.

The sauces really were flavorless. They looked good, but had nothing going for them. I put in ladle upon ladle and nothing seemed to make a difference. Looking at his chili oil, you could tell it was crap. It didn't have any heat to it nor any pepper flakes in it. They had maybe one (maybe two) more sauces than Magic Grill, but it doesn't matter. They all sucked no matter how much I put on.

The only thing going for this place is that he had lime juice, creamy peanut butter (goes good with chili oil), and a big thing of ginger. Magic Grill didn't have them, but they don't need them. Magic Grill showed ginger on a sign, but must have been out both times I was there.

I would not go back there. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The drive to Magic Grill is much more worth it.

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