Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Seasons Recipe Mix

Good seasons makes a bunch of packets in which you can make your own salad dressings. Now they make recipe mix packets also. I picked up one of each flavor, but unfortunately don't have a picture of it.

The only flavor I can remember is Hot Artichoke & Garlic Dip. The other flavor was Roasted Red Pepper & something else.

Both of these were awesome! The flavors were bold and intense. Strong garlic flavor. With the red pepper one you combine roasted red peppers in sour cream and with the artichoke one you combine it with mayonnaise and cheese then heat it up.

Right from the package you can smell that these are going to be some potent stuff. When I made the red pepper dip I let it sit for about an hour and the flavors were even more strong then when I first tasted them.

I just finished both and I'm going right back for me. I think they might make good toppings for burgers.

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