Saturday, June 12, 2010

Penang - Princeton, NJ

This place serves Thai / Malaysian type food. The interior is pretty nice, but it's usually crowded and very noisy.

I've eaten inside this location a few times (under 5) and have had take-out a lot more than that.

Love their Peanut Satay. They come in beef or chicken, but I only like beef.. not chicken. Very flavorful and tender meat.

I usually have their Malaysian Iced Tea (other places call it Thai Iced Tea). I wouldn't list it as my favorite Iced Tea, but it's one of the only places I can get to on my half hour lunch break and make it back in time.

Their fried cookies (they look like flowers) that they sell at the register on the way out are delicious, but too expensive.

I love Roti Canai, but not from here. The sauce is not spicy enough.. it's very mild. I stated earlier I don't like chicken.. I usually dip the pancakes in the sauce, avoiding the chicken, but here the chicken is kind of broken up into the sauce and the little pieces get caught in your teeth.

I figured I'd take my Girlfriend to dinner here one night. It was her first time. We had dirty silverware (and glasses too if I remember correctly). We told the waiter and he brought us new ones. They were dirty also! We looked around at the tables near us and they were dirty too! We finally found a good set of silverware, but that was enough for my Girlfriend to never want to go back there again.

For Thai food I'd rather visit Thai Chili in Spotswood, NJ. They're the best I've ever had. They make a curry fried rice I can't find anywhere else (and a spicy fried rice). I love their Thai Chili Beef, which is beef in a spicy red sauce. Has a great flavor a nice heat throughout. I love their Thai Iced Tea. They don't always make it as strong as I'd like, but most of the time it's my favorite.

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