Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dollar Tree

I have a bunch of Dollar Tree stores near me, but thought I'd start a list of things I've bought in there. Some of the things I've bought are name brand, but other things I've never heard of. I'm going to start keeping a list of things I've bought. I'm only listing the "no name" brands.

Artic Ice Analgesic Gel

I didn't really need this, but figured I like Icy Hot so I'll give some a try. Finally got around to trying it out tonight. I still don't need it, but was in the mood for a little of that cooling heat.

Opening the jar, it kind of smells like Icy Hot, but not as strong. It doesn't work as well either. The effect might have lasted a total of 10 seconds, if that. I wouldn't buy this again.

When my friend was younger his Brother grabbed a handful of Icy Hot and rubbed it on his balls. My friend was running around screaming in pain. He went outside and jumped in the pool which worsened the effect. I'm not going there for the sake of a review.

Pancakes with Apple Cinnamon and Pancakes with Blueberry

I forget the brand name on these, but there were three pancakes to a package. You can microwave them. They were excellent! I'm not sure what a "serving size" was, but 3 of them are good for breakfast.

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