Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singas Famous Pizza - Est. 1967

Everywhere I go there's three things you see too many of: Banks, Chinese Food Restaurants, and Italian Restaurants. Get it through your head. If you're just "average" then don't bother opening. Come up with
something unique, interesting, or original. For example, in my area there's no place to get a hot dog topped with a nice chili sauce, yet within a few minutes I can name at least ten Italian Restaurants.

Even though I don't need another Italian place, I still awaited the opening of Singas Famous Pizza in East Windsor, New Jersey. I love food and trying new places. I was hoping it was going to be something
better, being that they originally started in New York City. I love New York Pizza. It definitely wasn't as good as a real New York Pizza and is not worth going back.

They don't sell slices here, which is fine with me. They only sell small pies which are 10" round. The pies come in a few prices: $5.50 for plain, $6.50 with topping, $7.35 with special toppings, and $7.95
for the ones with most toppings. Extra toppings are $1 each.

The menu is a waste of ink, paper, their money, and my reading time. For example, the menu is a tri-fold brochure which opens up into three sections. A normal place would list the price for a cheese pie, list the price for toppings, and then if they have any special pies they'd list them separate with a description. For example they might list the Hawaiian Pie with juicy pineapple and thinly sliced ham. This place takes the time to write a description for each topping. Do I really need to see "Freshly Sliced Onions & Shredded Cheese with our Famous Singas Sauce"? If I order a pizza with onions I know what it's going to come with.. onions, cheese, and sauce. I'm surprised they didn't list crust under each description too. Unless you're doing something special, there's no need to describe every topping. For example, in the above sentence you could replace the onion part with one of the following: "Freshly Sliced Green Peppers", "Sliced Mushrooms", "Freshly Chopped Spinach", etc. You get the idea. Like I said, a waste of resources all together.

Some of the more interesting toppings on the menu would be baby shrimp, chicken alfredo, eggplant, bbq chicken, buffalo chicken, and the greek pizza, but none of those are really that interesting. Most every
place does that type of stuff nowadays anyway. There's also a few other items on the menu like spaghetti, salad, wings, sandwiches, and beef patties. I'm not sure if they mean Jamacian Beef or hamburger by
that last one. Had I been in New York City I'd expect Jamacian Beef Patties.. they're everywhere.

But how was the food you ask? Nothing to write home about and the sauce is nothing special. The crust here is better than Domino's. Not as good as one of the real Italian places in my area, and certainly not as good as something from New York. Now, Domino's isn't good pizza by far, but I'd eat them over Singas any day. At least there I'll get a better price.. their Medium pizza is cheaper than here and their crust is thicker, thus filling me up a bit more. This is definitely not a New York Style pizza I would expect from a place that started there in 1967.

I'd stay away from this place because the pizzas aren't that great and a little tiny for the price. Oh, and they come in paper bags. I guess what they waste on menu printing they save by not using cardboard boxes. How crappy is that to have to carry a bunch of pies and you can't stack them on top of each other.


  1. Bye bye, Singas! So long! I don't miss you one bit! Don't write and don't come back.

    Someone else took over the location, it's still Italian food. I have no intention of going there. There's a million Italian places in the area and most of them suck. All the same run-of-the-mill crap. Nothing inventive like Nate Appleman would have done at Pulino's.

  2. Well, I went there. I can't remember the name, but their food sucked. It was just as bad a Singa's and I think I saw one of the same Indian people working there.

    I wanted a cheese steak made over top of a garlic bread. They don't have garlic bread. What Italian Place doesn't have garlic bread? Singa's didn't either.

    Their garlic knots were big and tasty. Good amount of cheese and garlic sprinkled on them. Their pizza was average. Like just about every other pizza in my area.