Friday, March 29, 2013

Qrunch Spicy Italian Quinoa Burgers

I don't visit the healthy section of the supermarket to be healthier. That's just an added bonus. I like food and go there to find interesting and new foods. That's where I found these Spicy Italian Quinoa Burgers in Wegman's.

Originally price is what held me back. They're actually not that expensive, under $5 if I remember correctly. I mean, I like Quinoa. I like Hot Italian Sausage. But, what if I didn't like them?

A week or two ago I finally bought them and am happy to say I love them so much. The flavor is spot on. Kind of tastes a little like Italian Sausage. I like hot foods and this had a good amount of heat without being too heated... so they'll be good for most people.

You can fry them in a pan, bake them in an oven or toaster oven, or you can send them through a few cycles in a regular toaster! Microwave not recommended. I did a quick fry of mine in a pan with a little oil. They came out nice and crispy and held their shape without falling apart.

So far I tried them plain, with a little ketchup, and one time I made a side of home fries with hollandaise sauce. The sauce was amazing. The lemon was very nice with the spicy Quinoa Burgers.

You can see a picture of my dinner here:

The hollandaise sauce I made in a cream whipper, which uses cartridges similar to what you'd find to shoot BB's out of a BB Gun. The air and sauce mix together and make it very light and fluffy.

Anyway, I think I'm going to keep buying the Spicy Italian I like them so much, unless I decide to make some sort of topping then I'll try Original flavor. I don't think the Wegman's by me carries original anyway, but maybe Whole Foods.

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  1. Love these...I top with a little pizza or marinara sauce and Mozzarella.