Friday, June 22, 2012

Burger King Bacon Sundae

I love bacon and would love it in a sundae. I admire Burger King for trying to win over customers, but this could have been executed better.

First, it wasn't even on any menu that I could find. How are you supposed to sell it? I asked if they were doing it, ordered two, and then got looks from the other customers once they saw it. They were probably thinking, wha, what, where's that on the menu?

Second, nobody knew how to make one except one person. It's vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, some crumbled bacon, and a strip of bacon on top. The crumbles were only towards the top of the sundae and needed a few more to evenly distribute them throughout. After I ate the strip of bacon and got through the top few bites, I was left with nothing but a normal sundae. Big whoop. Just a little more crumbles to evenly distribute it throughout would have satisfied me.

I'm also going to leave a note here on two other things. Their advertisement talks about crispy sweet potato fries. They were soggy (what I expected, because I recall some other fast food place having the same fries). The other thing is the Coke Freestyle Machine. It has over 100 flavors of soda/water/juice/etc in one little machine. The cool thing is you can mix whatever flavors you want. The uncool thing is the ice button must sense what size cup you have. What if I only wanted a little ice? It kept coming out and all over the floor.

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