Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ferri's Potato Pizza - Moscow, PA

Today I went to Moscow..... Moscow, Pennsylvania that is. It's just over a 2 hour drive for me (one way), but I've been dying to try this special pizza they only make during Lent. Potato Pizza!

The building is kind of weird. You enter the building through a little coal mining museum. Lots of little old pieces to see. After that you're in a little store that sells handbags, lotions, soaps, and other girlie things. After that you're in the pizza place. Their potato pizza is so popular they have a map on the wall to pin where you came from. There's also a place you can write your town down.

This pizza was fantastical!! Totally worth the drive!! Did I just make up that word? It's fantastic and magical in one. It's like you're eating a pierogi on top of pizza dough. Very cheesy. The potatoes had a nice velvety texture, but still had some chunks in it. Looks like they had some egg yellow in it, because that picture is accurate. It's not the camera making it look yellow. There was lots of onion and garlic flavor. I read online somewhere that they use white, red, and green onion, but I'm not sure.

The pies were full tray of 12 slices for $16.50 or a half tray of 6 slices for $8.25. It was very filling. Between the two of us we couldn't finish a full tray. I was stuffed, but glad I didn't over eat like I normally do, because that makes driving home much harder.

You can bet this will be on my list of places to visit next year during lent. In fact, I'm going to see about sending some pizzas to my Mom in Hawaii.

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