Saturday, January 14, 2012

The British Chip Shop - Haddonfield, NJ

I've been eyeballing this place as something to visit for awhile now. It's about an hour from me. Yesterday was my birthday and someone told me to go out to dinner and give them the bill. Perfect time to try something different.

The town of Haddonfield looked very nice. A bunch of little shops, including a British shop across the street, and down the road a bit there is a bunch of huge, expensive houses to see. Looks nice all lit up for Christmas.

The restaurant was pretty full when I arrived. Usually a sign of good food. There were a few opens tables and we were seated quickly. It's cold outside, but the temperature inside was good. Not too hot or cold. I warmed up pretty quick. Haddonfield is a "dry" town, but you can bring your own beer.

Their website lists a roasted butternut squash soup I'd have liked to try. They actually had potato leek and the soup of the day looked like chicken. My potato leek was very tasty. It was creamy with some nice big pieces of potato and a little carrot in it. I finished it all. My Girlfriend had the other soup. It was full of vegetables and a ton of chicken. Looking in the bowl I saw mostly chicken and good sized pieces too.

As an appetizer we had curried cheese chips. These are french fries with cheese and a curry sauce. I liked the sauce.. it wasn't too sweet. My favorite curry sauce comes from Pommes Frites in New York, but this was pretty good too and a lot closer to home.

Next time I think we're going to try the scotch egg. It's a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage served hot or cold. Maybe desert too. I was too full from all the other food to have dessert, though.

When ordering dinner I didn't realize that everything we ordered had potato and I was kind of overloaded by starchy food, but that's nothing to do with the dinner. Everything was very good.

My Girlfriend had fish & chips. Market fresh haddock in a flaky breading. It comes in three sizes jack, queen, and king. We were told unless you're very hungry go for the queen, so she did. It was pretty big.. I'd say about six to eight inches. The house-made tartar sauce was excellent. I'd order a side of that next time just to eat with fries it was so tasty.

I had the cottage pie. A large ramekin filled with ground beef, vegetables (celery, carrot, more?), and topped with mashed potatoes. When it came out it was really hot. The only thing out of the whole night I would knock them for is that the carrots in the cottage pie were too hard.

The waitress was friendly, quick and attentive. The people who cleaned off the tables were nice and talkative too. Asked how we liked our food, if it was our first time there, etc. We'll definitely be back.. in fact I'm taking my Grandmother there next weekend!

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