Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chocopeño - Jalapeño Chocolate Chip Cookies

I picked these up in the Mexican grocery store. The bags are only 2 ounces in size and the cookies are small, but it was only a $1 so I said what the heck, I'll try them.

I 'm not sure if they're the World's 1st as the bag says because I don't know when their company started, but I have seen the same type of cookies before. Have never tried those, though.

I don't like soft chocolate chip cookies, and these were in the middle. Not too hard or soft.

The flavor was just right, not too spicy, but you knew something was in there. After eating a few the heat was a little more in my mouth, but it wasn't bad enough to not be able to enjoy them or eat more. My Girlfriend doesn't always like spicy food and when I came home I said try this cookie. She didn't like it, but I'd eat them again.

You can order them from their website: Chocopeno.

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