Monday, November 29, 2010

ES-388 Bluetooth USB Adapter

I've got TracFone for my cell phone provider. They don't really offer any nice phones with features, but that's okay by me. I recently upgraded to a newer model which offered me double minutes for life. After searching the web I found that I could load some Java games on it and my own ringtone. All I needed was a Bluetooth adapter for my computer.

After searching stores and not wanting to spend $30 for one in Staples, I searched the website DealExtreme. I've bought from them before. Shipping can be slow since it's coming from somewhere overseas, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm in no hurry to upload a ringtone or crappy game. I was more interested in getting the product cheap. I found this unit for $3.81 which included shipping!

The packaging looks very similar to the one above. The unit looks pretty much the same, but in black. Small, seems durable.

The unit works fine, but here's what I went through to get it working. First off, I got this delivered to my office. I was eager to try it. I'm on a very small network. I installed the software it came with, which was Soleil. That installed a second connection in my Network Connections. That ruined my network. I could get internet, but could not access my network storage drives which is where my files and email are. I found out it had uninstalled Client for Microsoft Networks. I quickly uninstalled that product, reinstalled the client, and was fine.

My next try was to Google the model number for help. I saw some people trying Widcomm drivers. They did not work for me. I uninstalled them.

What worked you ask? Plugging the sucker in and letting Windows XP find the drivers! Who'd have figured?! I'm happy to say this unit works perfect now! If you see a bad review on the website where I bought it, sorry. I posted that before I figured out how to get it working.

When transferring files to my TracFone it couldn't be simpler. I right click the Bluetooth icon and send file. An mp3 will automatically go to the right directory and I can use it as a ringtone. As for getting Java games to work? You can download some and modify them to say TracFone made them and price 0.0. I've found a few games on mobilerated's website that work fine.. like Jtetris and 5uperblocks.

I've ordered from DealExtreme three times now and am very satisfied with them.

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