Saturday, February 20, 2010

Barking Spa - Milltown, NJ


I have a mini schnauzer that I got groomed there a few years ago. The lady who owns the place seems like she doesn't even like dogs.

I dropped my dog off to get everything done.. cut nails, cut hair, bath. I hadn't heard back from them and thought maybe I missed a call, so I drove back to see how things are going.

As soon as I stepped in the door she yelled at me that my dog isn't ready and he's going to need more time because he needs a bath. She informed me that my dog has fleas and she's now going to have to get her whole shop fumigated and she might have to close the shop while she does that. She said I should have informed her that he had fleas before I brought him in.

He needs more time because he needs a bath?! What the heck were you going to charge me for then? Whenever I go to a groomer I specify that I want everything done.. cut the nails, cut the hair, and a bath. Were you just going to charge me for a bath and not do one?!

So, she gives me a lecture on flea products, which I own and have used Frontline since I've had my dog. He's turning 4 years old shortly, and you know what?! I still use it. She tells me that if I can't afford flea medicine I should look at 1-800-PET-MEDS as they are cheaper.

I mentioned to the lady that I think I would know if my dog has fleas, heck he sleeps in the same bed as me every night. I pet and play with him daily. He's also an indoor dog 99% of the time because I live in an apartment. She tells me a lot of times you can't see fleas or know they're there. I think that's bull shit. I've grown up with dogs all my life. My Grandmother had two mini schnauzers, a jack russell mix, an akita, and a few others breeds which I can't remember. These dogs were indoor / outdoor dogs, because we lived in a house and had a back yard. Some summer months were bad with the bugs in our area. Every time we had fleas they were noticeable.

I left the store and would come back to pick up my dog when he's done. The whole time I'm thinking how I've never once had a flea, a bite mark, or anything resembling a flea. So, finally I go back to the place to pick up my dog. I looked at his body.. not one flea bite / mark on him.

As I was looking over my dog the owner yells to one of her groomers "Hey, is this the dog that had fleas?" and the girl says "I don't know". Just earlier you yelled at me for my dog having fleas, and now you are unsure if it's even my dog that had the fleas?

You stupid piece of shit. I hope you fucking die. It's like you were having PMS that day or something and decided to take it out on my dog. Get your facts straight about fleas and which dog had this and what dog had that. You're in the wrong line of business with your attitude. I can't believe anyone would ever go to your place.

I can't say for sure, but I bet you're the one who cut my dogs nail wrong and he has a little cut in it. Now he's always cautious about anyone touching his nails. Maybe I should just accuse you of this before I find out the facts. Maybe you're the one with fleas, bitch!

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  1. I was referred to them by a close neighbor and have been there 2-3 times before.

    This time I dropped my dogs off at 9:45am and they said I could not pick them up until 4:00pm. When I looked around, they were already grooming two dogs, and had several dogs in cages waiting to be groomed. They were way over booked. I asked for puppy cuts (like I always do) and to be 1 inch all around. Maria, the groomer, said she would use a size 4 clipper. I called back to see how long that was and she said she would use a size 3 clipper instead. I asked what would a size 3 clipper leave, and Maria gave the phone to Christine Panzica the owner. Christine said that would leave 3 and 3 quarters. I asked if that was 3 inches and 3 quarters or 3 and 3 quarters of an inch because I only wanted them to be an inch all around. Christine got very nasty, screamed at me and at the groomer, telling her to leave only an inch, and basically hung up on me.

    Maria called me at 2:45pm, telling me to be there in a half hour. When I showed up, Maria said that my Aussie got so worked up that he was coughing. Then they charged me $20 more than the last time, and said it was because the prices went up. It would have been nice if they would have told me that at the beginning. Plus, whoever did my dogs grooming the previous time, I wish did their grooming this time because the person did a rubbish job and left a lot more hair on them than just an inch.

    On the ride home, my Aussie was couching so bad that I called my vet. The tech told me to watch him over night and if it did not get better to bring him in the following morning. Well the next morning he was still coughing horribly and I had to take him to the vet. My vet determined that they must have had his collar so tight that it was choking him, and his trachea was very irritated. My Aussie was given a shot on the spot to help the swelling go down and medicine that he needed 3x a day.

    I wanted to call the groomers but they were closed on Sunday and Monday, so I had to wait until Tuesday.

    Tuesday morning, before I could call the groomers, Maria the groomer called me, asking how the dogs were. I thought that was suspicious because they had never called any other time I bought my dogs there. I told her about having to take my dog to the vet, and she said that he was like that when I brought him in. I reminded her that when I arrived to pick my dogs up, that she told me my Aussie got so worked up that he was coughing. Maria's response to me was that she would have the owner call me.

    Christine Panzica, the owner, called me and denied it was their fault, and she said he was like that when I brought him in. I even explained to her what Maria had informed me on Saturday afternoon when I came to pick my dogs up. Christine told me that I was wrong and she was there the whole time. Funny how I did not see her when I dropped them off and when I picked them up. The place is very very small; I don't think I would have missed her.

    I told her that my vet said the grooming collar must have been too tight and was squishing his trachea. I told Christine who my vet was and she said that she does not take anything they say into account because they were a low income vet and inexperienced.

    My vet consists of 7 doctors and they have a very high patient count. I have been going to them for the last 4 years now and they have been around for way longer than that.

    I told Christine that she had lost a customer and I would be reporting them. Her response was "F*** off, and have a nice holiday."

    I spoke with my neighbor after all of this, and it turns out that Christine Panzica had been nasty with them several times, so they no longer have their dog groomed there either.

    Also, I would like to mention that I have looked up this company online and found that Christine Panzica is reporting on her own company and giving it 5 star reviews on other websites/search engines.