Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coach Tony's Gourmet Beef Hot Sauce

I frequent a lot of different supermarkets because I like to find unique products that the others don't have. I'm always after a good hot dog sauce. I spotted Coach Tony's Gourmet Beef Hot Sauce in a Wegman's and gave it a try.

It looks great in that bottle above. What's interesting is that I took the above picture off another website. It says Over 40% Beef, while mine says 50%. My bottle, however has a color more consistent to dog or cat food slop.

Smell isn't too bad. When I bought the stuff, I just figured I was getting a beef hot dog sauce, but upon opening the jar I got a slight scent of vinegar odor from the hot sauce in it. It was then that I realized the label said beef hot sauce.

Texture coming out of the jar was thick. It had a bit of skin on top.. sort of like pudding skin.. you know something that's been sitting in the jar unstirred. Putting it in a pan and heating it up thinned it out, although I think it got too much. It was kind of watery then. The color still looked a little nasty, though. I did like that little bits of beef didn't get caught in my teeth.

Taste is the most important thing I'd guess. Reading THIS WEBSITE it seemed a lot of people liked this sauce and convinced him to put it on the market. While I like that he actually followed through and did it, I didn't think it was all that great. First taste was kind of bland, every taste after that was mostly a hot sauce flavor.

I did enjoy the sauce a little, it wasn't good enough to keep me coming back as a regular customer. Maybe I'll crave it once a year, if that. My Girlfriend didn't like it at all.

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